Infrastructure team

This page details who carries what responsibility as far as SciPost’s underlying online infrastructure is concerned.


Keyholders by definition possess all the credentials necessary to access, run and maintain all elements of SciPost’s infrastructure, in particular:

  • servers

  • databases

  • mailboxes

Keyholders are also trusted with credentials for all necessary external services used by our infrastructure.

The set of keyholders is as small as possible to ensure security, and as large as necessary to guarantee perennial availability of our services.

Our major, long-term sponsors can nominate one or more of their staff members to be Keyholders.

Current Keyholders:

Deployment Team

Members of the Deployment Team are responsible for the day-to-day maintenance and running of all of SciPost’s online infrastructure, including bug fixes and issues tracking.

By necessity, all Deployment Team members are keyholders (the inverse is not necessarily true).

Current Deployment Team:

Development Team

The Development Team is responsible for building the codebase behind SciPost. This includes patches and improvements to the existing code, as well as the implementation of short-, medium- and long-term development plans.

Current Development Team:

If you possess professional-caliber knowledge and experience in the frameworks which our infrastructure is based on (see our tech stack page) and wish to be considered for inclusion in our core team, please get in touch with the Team Leader.


Advisors are highly-qualified web developers offering advice on any aspect of the codebase or its deployment.