As for all good Python-based projects, our documentation is written in reStructuredText. Some useful links are:

The source of all documentation resides in .rst files rooted in the docs folder, together with code-embedded docstrings.

Building the documentation

The documentation is compiled using Sphinx. Note that compiling documentation occurs within the virtual environment with host settings linked.

For the apps, the .rst files are auto-generated using sphinx apidoc through the bash script

To build the documentation, run:

$ cd docs
$ ./build_app_src
$ make html

The documentation is then output to folder docs/_build/html (static html format), and easily viewable in your browser.

Sphinxdoc [deprecated]

To serve the documentation, use is made of django-sphinxdoc.

The documentation is saved in the local database as a Project with name SciPost, with slug SciPost and path /docs (this project should be manually created in the admin under the Sphinxdoc app).

To update the docs, simply run:

$ ./ updatedoc -b SciPost

The documentation is then viewable by navigating to docs in your browser.